Resell Your Unused Needlepoint Canvases

Meet Gail Abelman

100% Feedback eBay-rated Power Seller

Gail AbelmanAs an avid needlepoint stitcher myself, one day I was going through my "stash" deciding on my next project to stitch. As I was going through my "stash", I realized that I had several canvases that I had purchased that I was no longer interested in stitching. I decided to list them on eBay and they all sold! I was delighted!

I went to the shop that I stitch from and I was telling one of the ladies that I had sold canvases from my "stash" that I no longer wanted. She asked me if I would sell hers as well. Word of mouth is a wonderful thing and I have now sold over 8,000 canvases. I have sold for shop owners as well as individuals. I maintain a 100% feedback score on eBay and I am a Power Seller.

I have sold canvases that are new and have never been touched, some that have been partially stitched on and some that have the threads pulled and in the bag they came home from the store in.

If you have canvases that you look at and wonder why you bought them and would like to clear them out, please give me a call to discuss how I can sell your canvases and help you earn some cash. Also, feel free to email me if you prefer. 

I look forward to hearing from you.